About me

Hello, welcome !

I’m Julie Dubail, graphic designer and illustrator. I’m based in Strasbourg but I can work anywhere the Web goes in french or in english.


SINDRI is the crucible of graphic and illustration projects that I can manage alone or with a team. I have created this concept to bring visual solutions to the people who needs an image to represent their business, activities and connect with their audience.


Create images, it’s touching directly the public through emotions. We are living in a world with images everywhere and everything is image. With infographic tools and the traditional techniques, I like to create graphic spaces, illustrations, where will resonate my personality and the personality of your projects.

I bring to your business my ability to listen and my professional point of view to suggest a graphic interpretation to enrich your projects with an original identity, which correspond you.


I work with colored inks, colored pencils, black pen… etc. I create illustrations that are very personnal to me and suggest my vision to the public. It is often full of details or can be really light, keeping white spaces for lightness…

I like to bring beauty arround me, colours to story, moments… I am always amazed and transported by the capacity of an image, like in music, dance, or other arts, to bring it’s mood, emotion (joy, nostalgia, serenity…) to whom’s looking at it. To let the imagination flow in one blink of an eyes.


The success of a project resides in a great collaboration, good communication, the capacity to understand each others needs and being able to bestly interpret them.

Your success is also mine, so I want to bring my best to your project.

In my projects or my relationships, it’s important to me to create a communication of quality, to evolve with my projects, the clients, the collaborators… I’m polyvalent and curious, it allows me to create bridges between my different abilities and to answer to projects address to different audiences. I cultivate an open state of mind, imagination and the desire to build something, to create connexions between peoples, projects.

I like challenges, discovering new things and helping people to resolve visual communication issues. I like to share my passion and bring people to visit my world or participate to create theirs.

Do you want to work with me ? Contact me 🙂

What you wouldn’t have guessed about me :

I’m also a dance animator for individual or groups in my other life. Dancing is my bubble of joy, a place to take a new breath and be in the present, letting go… with fun choreographies, ballroom dance…

With no ambition beside having a good time, learning new things, challenging oneself in a nice environnement 😉 Don’t be afraid to ask !